Taking a Holiday

Taking a Holiday is our current project in development.  We are working in collaboration with Remembering the Real WW1 and Bristol Radical History Group, drawing on current research to tell stories of wartime resistance in Bristol and beyond.

We plan to perform the show in Bristol venues from summer 2018

A story of struggle during the First World War – full of intrigue, escapes, comradeship…and bikes.  What does it mean to be a refugee and on the run in your own country? Who will give you a bed for the night, a job… or a means of escape? A table top and shadow puppet show based on the true stories of ordinary people in 1916/17 and the hidden history of the resistance to the war machine.

“Completely moving, totally invested in the puppets”
Audience comment on scratch performance

This is part of a wider project called: Hiding Places and Hidden Histories which will include puppetry, research workshops and other ways to get involved.