Taking a Holiday – Film

The amazing story of the secret beneath a Bristol bike shop. A tale of struggle in wartime – full of intrigue, escapes, comradeship…and bikes. What does it mean to be a refugee and on the run in your own country? Who will give you a bed for the night, a job… or a means of escape?

Puppetry, documentary material and songs combine in a narrative based on the true stories of ordinary Bristol people during 1914/17, and the hidden history of  resistance to the war machine.

If you are interested in screening the film at your event, school or group, please get in touch at otherstorypuppetry@ymail.com

The film can be shown alongside short puppet shows in different media, telling the tales of runaways, and where they ended up. Ddeveloped for our Steps Against war puppet history walk.

Thanks to West of England Combined Authority for supporting Otherstory artist Emma Byron with a Creative Freelancers grant to work on this – and to create a linked workshop.  And thanks to Curious School of Puppetry and Arts Council England for funding a residency at Puppet Place to do some of the filming.