Escape was on Everyone’s Mind: The Tale of Jack Sheppard


See how an ordinary apprentice carpenter from East London became the legendary jail breaker and hero of the people, whose fame spread across oceans. Witness his daring and miraculous escapes! Watch him outwit judges, jailers and the Thieftaker General – until the hangman’s noose beckons and it’s now or never, neck or nothing…

DSCF6907_118th Century London, its raucous mobs, rapacious merchants and well-fed judges, are brought to vivid life on a table. The use of simple cut-out puppets and zigzagging set lead the audience through unexpected turns among the characters, institutions, and dodgy deals of a time of upheaval. Jumps in scale, audience participation and the textured use of sound and song add drama and depth to the story. A playful, political, visually stunning tale of daring and resistance.

Jack Show - 203“A visual and political feast.”

“Wonderful paper theatre show… featuring endless inventive and quirky paper animation techniques”.

“Amazing action, wonderful story,
delightful music – just bloody great”!

– audience comments

The show lasts seventy minutes and is suitable for adults and older children.

It was originally inspired by conversations with Bristol Radical History Group, who supported its development.

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