Woodcraft Folk

We are collaborating with the Woodcraft Folk as part of our tour with – ‘Escape was on Everyone’s Mind – the tale of Jack Sheppard’.  The show is for adults and older children.  As a guide, our experience is that children over 10 years old generally enjoy the show – so it would suit older Pioneers, Venturers and DFs.   The show deals with hanging so please use your judgement in deciding whether it is suitable for your members.

We are offering free tickets to our performances to local group members.  As the total audience for each show is just 40 – the numbers of free tickets available are limited to 10 at any one performance and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  If you want to bring a bigger group numbers beyond 10 will be charged at the concessionary price.  We will charge adults accompanying members at the usual ticket price for the performance.  We would expect any groups under the age of 16 to be supervised by two adults.

We are also offering free workshops.  The local group would need to provide a venue for the workshop .  The workshop will include making a simple puppet (in the style of our show) and then developing a short sketch on the theme of ‘Escape’ which we may be able to film.  We are piloting the workshop format with Windmill Hill Venturers in Bristol.  The exact content of workshops will be dependent on numbers and time.  Please contact us to discuss.  Again the  number of workshops we can offer is limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact Trevor Houghton on 07501614256 or email otherstorypuppetry@ymail.com