Puppet History Walk

Otherstory have been developing a Bedminster-based history walk with puppets, in Jan – March 2019. The walk, Steps Against War, will take place in April.

Puppetry workshop at City Farm(2)

The walk will uncover the hidden histories of local people who resisted the First World War. It will take people round the actual locations where the war resisters lived, worked, met together and in some cases hid from the authorities. We’ll be using a mixture of puppetry, readings from historic texts, and songs from the period to bring their stories to life.

We’ve been running a series of workshops, where local people have taken part in:

  • Researching local conscientious objectors and war resisters

  • Making or dressing puppets

  • Making props and scenery

  • Finding photos from the time to use in the walk

  • Choosing and editing text from the time

  • Practising puppetry

  • Learning songs from the period


The walk is supported by Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund.  It is part of the national Commemoration, Conflict and Conscience project: both Taking a Holiday and the Puppet History Walk will feature in its culminating festival in Bristol in April 2019

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